Smart Whiteboards

AV Control

Video Conference

Today the technology brings you the opportunity to meet with your co-workers without the necessity of flying. Listen, watch your partners or colleagues like they are next to you, and,  at the same time, reducing travel expenses and  wasting time. Take advantage with the line of Video and Teleconference products we offer.

Sound Amplification Systems

Our sound amplification system help make your classroom or conference room  more powerful with better sound, loud and clear, where  every word  can be hear comfortable from any place.

Projection Screens

Projector screens should be both functional and aesthetically appealing.  We carry a wide range of products for all applications, we deal with any format or environmental condition.

LCD / DLP Projectors

We can help you find the best  projector for your needs whether you need portable projection or a professional installed system.

If you are looking to turn a regular board  in an intelligent board or just acquire  a new intelligent board, we have the best option. Our past installations in classrooms, training and conference rooms allow us to become extremely efficient in advise you the correct selection and the right installation that fits your needs.

 When  there is a need to control different equipment or hardware we are the best partner because our projects include an additional service,  like our support in all services we do, when you need it at any time. We work for our clients so their necessity becomes ours.  Doesn’t matter the size of your project, we have the best and right solution.


Professional Audio Visual Services

HES  AV   is  a  complete technology solutions company